Art Journaling Class

  wow it’s been a long time since I blogged. I’ve been busy with life having grand-babies and being in love! Life is good! I haven’t done any digital designing in a coones age and that’s ok, I don’t even miss it! I even took a break from art journaling and painting, but THAT I missed. So I’ve been getting back to my studio and have been creative again, and it feels amazing!

I have some exciting news, well exciting and scary, the butterflies dancing in your tummy kinda of scary! I’m going to have an Art Journaling Class! You can check out all the details Here 

I will be available to answer any questions you might have and will have my journals available for you to browse. I’ll even have a little hand out that explains basically what art journal is, the supplies you need, some sources, book list and a list of my favorite artists! 

I also cracked back open my 48 weeks journal :)

Here is week 3:



The strips of paper across the stems are torn bits from a note my grandma sent me! I love that she signs her notes love Ya Grandma :)

Well I’ll try to not be a stranger, till next time!

Playing with new art supplies

I bought this set a week or so ago!

It’s called Sumi Drawing and Painting Set, it includes the case, 5 brushes, a water bowl, a brush rest, a spoon, a paper weight, a mixing stone and 1 ink stick.

Since I wasn’t sure how to use it as there are no instructions I watched a YouTube video!
I collected a couple pieces of paper: an envelope, and a folder that I colored on with cheapo water color crayons activated with water. I swirled Sumi ink over the top and some circles on the envelope!


I’d have to say I’m glad the whole kit only cost 20 bucks. I’m not very impressed its real close to water colors and that makes sense since you make the ink by soaking the ink stick in the well with water. The brushes are harder then I like and then fanned out more than I like. I probably won’t use it much. But am glad I tried it :)

Welcome to 2014

Wow can you believe it, it’s a whole new year! I’m not entirely sure I was done with 2013 but what can you do! Move on I suppose!!! Like so many of you I’ve been thinking on what my goals and dreams for 2014 are. I’ve made lists, and more lists in my art journal and I’ve also started a calendar this year to hopefully keep track of to do list and such!
Some of my 2014 To Do’s are:
Write at least 1 blog post a week
Stay on my healthy track and resume exercising
Grow my Art Etsy Shop and the Etsy shop for our brick and mortar store
Work on the Web-page for our business
I have many more, some personal related and some Artsy business related and some GunShop business related. It’s a confusing mesh of things but it works for me :)
Did y’all find a word for 2014 yet? I’ve only been doing the One Word idea for….well this will be my 3rd year. The first year I choose joy. We had just received and lost a sweet little miracle our beautiful little grand-daughter Leilani and I was extremely sad and depressed over the loss and what I really thought I needed was some JOY in my life and it sounded good at the time! However it didn’t really work as I spent most of the year angry and mad and hurt and grieving and depressed! So on to 2013 when the word improve landed in my lap and I thought it would be perfect. I only wanted to improve. And improve I did in several areas :) And now it’s 2014 and I spent weeks thinking about and agonizing over what would be the perfect word for 2014….As I looked back over my paintings and Art Journals and writings over the last few months the word dream was there over and over and over again and I fought it and fought with it, and finally decided to just give in and go with it and so my word for 2014 is: DREAM!
What’s your word?
What are your plans?
I’d love it if you shared them with me, you can leave a message here:
Or email me at 
OH and on another note we have TWO (2) new grand-babies on the way…… excited :)

New Art Journaling Classes

Effy Wild has TWO (2) new classes starting soon Moonshine & Book of Days
And even better she’s giving away a spot to both! You can check out the post on how to win the classes here:
For more information about each class read on :)

Moonshine is 13 moons of art journaling, mixed media art making, and writing in a community of spiritual creatives.

Class Content:

Twenty five video + PDF lessons PLUS Moonshine Boot Camp.

Immediately upon purchase, you will have instant access to Moonshine Boot Camp – a mini workshop that focuses on faces PLUS a bonus bookbinding tutorial so you can bind your own art journal if you wish.

Beginning January 1, 2014, two video and PDF lessons will be released every new and full moon throughout the year in our private on line classroom.

Each moon, from new to full, we will engage our own inner wisdom through art journaling, painting and free-writing. While this class does not have a specific focus on healing, we will work together to foster self-awareness & self-inquiry, portrait painting, art journaling techniques, intuitive painting, and written journal keeping.

New Moons will be dedicated to intuitive art journaling with an emphasis on knowing where you’re at, and what you want to focus on during that moon cycle. Full Moons will be dedicated to composed (planned) paintings (in the art journal or on a separate substrate) with an emphasis on acknowledging our own inner wisdom, gratitude for blessings & messages received, and developing our artistry through intentional creativity. Throughout each moon, you will be encouraged to check in with yourself on paper by using the writing prompts provided.

Do a little or do it all – it’s entirely up to you.
To sign up or get more info go here:


Book Of Days Premium 2014 Session One includes start-to-finish video instruction every week for the duration of the class (12 weeks) plus optional challenges and journal prompts to keep you inspired and working in your art journal.

BONUS: Book Of Days Boot Camp: This four week intensive will be opened up to you immediately so you’ll have lots of time to bind your own journal & learn art journaling basics including background techniques, different ways of memory keeping in your art journaling, and how to keep an art grimoire (a technique based reference that you bind and fill in yourself). You’ll also do some digging into all the reasons you might NOT art journal even though you really WANT to, and get past creative blocks and excuses that stop you from having the creative practice you want.

BONUS: Sweetlings Mini Workshop – A juicy mini workshop that will have you creating your own calendars, greetings cards, and art journal spreads that include adorable paper dolls and lots of embellishments.

BONUS: There will be a January 1st Ustream in which I will decorate my cover and talk with you about choosing a word for the year and setting some intentions for the session. This show will likely be around three hours + I will record it for future viewing. Details to be announced on our class mailing list.

Every week starting January 6th, 2014 you will have access to an instructional and inspirational start-to-finish art journal spread with video content lasting anywhere between 30 mins to an hour. Each post will include an optional challenge, journal prompts (to be used in written and/or art journaling) and some musings about that week’s spread, snapshots of the spread, and supplies information (including where to buy).

To sign up or get more info go here:

I’d LOVE to win a spot in this as I just can not afford it right now :( However I wish EVERYONE good luck on their entries :)

Etsy Shop

I haven’t posted anything to my Blog in so long I almost wonder if it’s still out there?

I have several new things to share with you in my Etsy Shop:
Personal Use Mega Graphics Bundle

Commercial Use Mega Graphics Bundle

Lifetime Reflections Class 1 (Create a Book of Me)

Bible Study & Prayer Notebook

You Were Made For This Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas

Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Collage Fodder, Ephemera

Hand Made & Bound Art Journal (Includes Geli Printed Pages inside)

Thanks for Looking :)