Jamberry Nail Wraps

Ok I’ve become a little obsessed with these!
I joined and am now selling them!
PLUS I’ve been playing with the Nail Studio and have created several designs :)
This one was created from a piece of my art! LOVE IT!!!

Skulls….of course I had too :)

And the following two are Thin Blue Line Wraps, cause I LOVE my husband and am very proud of him :) This one is called Thin Blue Line

And this one is called LEO wife

And Wish
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Art Journaling Class

  wow it’s been a long time since I blogged. I’ve been busy with life having grand-babies and being in love! Life is good! I haven’t done any digital designing in a coones age and that’s ok, I don’t even miss it! I even took a break from art journaling and painting, but THAT I missed. So I’ve been getting back to my studio and have been creative again, and it feels amazing!

I have some exciting news, well exciting and scary, the butterflies dancing in your tummy kinda of scary! I’m going to have an Art Journaling Class! You can check out all the details Herehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1595136054072458/ 

I will be available to answer any questions you might have and will have my journals available for you to browse. I’ll even have a little hand out that explains basically what art journal is, the supplies you need, some sources, book list and a list of my favorite artists! 

I also cracked back open my 48 weeks journal :)

Here is week 3:



The strips of paper across the stems are torn bits from a note my grandma sent me! I love that she signs her notes love Ya Grandma :)

Well I’ll try to not be a stranger, till next time!

My Weight Loss Struggle

I was chubby, chunky, over weight obese according to my Dr. :( I had gained 53 pounds over the last 12 years, putting me at 163 instead of the 110 I was 6 weeks after I had child number 5 and for the next 8 years after he was born. WHAT changed? I’m not sure! I had a partial hysterectomy that sent my hormones in a tail spin. I was in a horrible relationship, I sucked down way to much Pepsi and killed my metabolism by not eating meals. Who knows what the real issues are, the reality is I was over weight.

So I dieted, I exercised, I stressed, I changed my food intake. But nothing really helped, it would go off and come back. I tried diet pills prescribed by my Dr. Oh good Lord those were horrible, I lost 20 pounds but was a wreck and couldn’t sleep! Went off them and gained it all back. Then I found Trim Healthy Mama and bought the book (Yikes it’s 35.00) BUT I bought it, I read it I started implementing it! I lost 20 pounds, then stalled. No matter what I did I stayed right there, for months. I exercised I followed the idea of tricking my body keeping it guessing. I started gaining the weight back! I gave up!

I finally had my hormones tested and learned my environmental estrogen was way to high, my testosterone was elevated and my progesterone was way low. No wonder I was over weight and a basket case! When the progesterone bio-identical hormone was prescribed to me the pharmacist also recommended I try the HCG diet. I immediately said OK , really what did I have to loose?

Well apparently pounds and inches :) I lost 20 pounds but more impressive I lost 7.5 inches around my waist and 6 inches on my hips and my gut area! Once your done with a round of HCG you can’t eat any sugar or starch for 3 weeks. And if you think that’s bad the round of HCG was even more restrictive. It was hard, but I did it! At the end I knew I had to maintain the loss so I turned back to THM (Trim Healthy Mama). I discovered that I was still as confused and overwhelmed as I was a year and a half ago.

So I decided to re-read and really STUDY the book this time! I looked for a group on Facebook but there wasn’t one, so I started one myself! You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/661523563955431/

I’ve learned a lot more about the program then I did the first time I read the book (I’m not all the way through yet) Last time I read it in 2 days this time much, much slower!

I know I don’t have a traditional THM story. I LOVE THM, I think it’s sound, and I believe it works. But for me I needed to lay it down and get some of the weight off so I could come back to it a healthier me! I have been successful in maintaining my last HCG day weight! I’ve even lost almost 3 pounds since :) and my hormones are much more stable now!

Over the last few months I’ve learned that I tend to eat in the afternoon if I’m bored.  I feel better if I eat a heavier meal earlier in the day and have a lighter meal in the evening. I MUST eat breakfast! I had no idea what a serving size of anything looked like. Sometimes hunger is really thirst! And I’ve learned to eat a serving and stop, think about if I’m really still hungry or not (Often times I’m not) I’ve also learned that nothing, and I do mean NOTHING taste as good as Skinny feels! I like food! I Love potato chips, but so does my gut and my thighs so I can’t eat them. PERIOD what’s more is it’s not the end of the world not to eat them! I’ve also learned that I do much better on feeding myself and my husband healthy food IF I have a plan! So I sat down and I came up with a plan for the Next week October 26 – November 1! Here is my plan :)


Now I’m off to Plan the next week :

STUFF for sale

If your interested in anything just email me: tina@digiscrapsnmore.com

Great pair of Boots size 9 (I wear an 8 and these fit me) $55.00

Art Easel $15.00

15 issues of memory makers magazines! Issues 4-8, 10 & 11 of 2007, 1-3 & 5-7 of 2008 & January/February & September/October of 2009 $12.95

5 creating keepsake magazines April, May, August, October and December 2009 $5.95

If your interested email me at: tina@digiscrapsnmore.com

Playing with new art supplies

I bought this set a week or so ago!

It’s called Sumi Drawing and Painting Set, it includes the case, 5 brushes, a water bowl, a brush rest, a spoon, a paper weight, a mixing stone and 1 ink stick.

Since I wasn’t sure how to use it as there are no instructions I watched a YouTube video!
I collected a couple pieces of paper: an envelope, and a folder that I colored on with cheapo water color crayons activated with water. I swirled Sumi ink over the top and some circles on the envelope!


I’d have to say I’m glad the whole kit only cost 20 bucks. I’m not very impressed its real close to water colors and that makes sense since you make the ink by soaking the ink stick in the well with water. The brushes are harder then I like and then fanned out more than I like. I probably won’t use it much. But am glad I tried it :)

Welcome to 2014

Wow can you believe it, it’s a whole new year! I’m not entirely sure I was done with 2013 but what can you do! Move on I suppose!!! Like so many of you I’ve been thinking on what my goals and dreams for 2014 are. I’ve made lists, and more lists in my art journal and I’ve also started a calendar this year to hopefully keep track of to do list and such!
Some of my 2014 To Do’s are:
Write at least 1 blog post a week
Stay on my healthy track and resume exercising
Grow my Art Etsy Shop and the Etsy shop for our brick and mortar store
Work on the Web-page for our business
I have many more, some personal related and some Artsy business related and some GunShop business related. It’s a confusing mesh of things but it works for me :)
Did y’all find a word for 2014 yet? I’ve only been doing the One Word idea for….well this will be my 3rd year. The first year I choose joy. We had just received and lost a sweet little miracle our beautiful little grand-daughter Leilani and I was extremely sad and depressed over the loss and what I really thought I needed was some JOY in my life and it sounded good at the time! However it didn’t really work as I spent most of the year angry and mad and hurt and grieving and depressed! So on to 2013 when the word improve landed in my lap and I thought it would be perfect. I only wanted to improve. And improve I did in several areas :) And now it’s 2014 and I spent weeks thinking about and agonizing over what would be the perfect word for 2014….As I looked back over my paintings and Art Journals and writings over the last few months the word dream was there over and over and over again and I fought it and fought with it, and finally decided to just give in and go with it and so my word for 2014 is: DREAM!
What’s your word?
What are your plans?
I’d love it if you shared them with me, you can leave a message here:
Or email me at tina@digiscrapsnmore.com 
OH and on another note we have TWO (2) new grand-babies on the way……..so excited :)